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TAL03 Formats: Vinyl/DL

The first collaborative album by KATHARINA GROSSE and STEFAN SCHNEIDER, entitled TIERGARTEN, after the eponymous park in central Berlin. The rather technical, disengaged term "collaboration" seems inept to describe what they do together. Rather, it's a sort of almost telepathic understanding that has grown out of a long friendship. TIERGARTEN is an instrumental album of two performers on analogue synthesizers interacting, communicating, contemplating, complementing each other through their instruments and intuitions. After Weissensee by NEU!, and Neukoln bei Bowie and Eno – both named after districts of Berlin – Grosse and Schneider, with Tiergarten, bring their very own, fresh approach to this short but significant tradition of pulsating analogue synthesia dedicated to Berlin and its historic and aesthetic landscape.

Jörg Heiser, Berlin 2017


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