Exhibition / Alexander Kluge with works by Katharina Grosse, Jonathan Meese and Georg Baselitz.

Please note that from 24 June to 31 July 2021 another project by Alexander Kluge will be on view in Munich with works by Katharina, Jonathan Meese and Georg Baselitz.
The exhibition opens its doors on June 24 at the National Theater. Until July 31, 2021, the Königsaal, the Ionic Halls, the area in front of the royal box, the special dressing room, the foyer, the new restaurant LUDWIG ZWEI and the bar-bistro RHEINGOLD will be used.

"Alexander Kluge has filmed the past 13 years of Nikolaus Bachler's directorship. The exhibition Sphinx Opera visualizes significant productions, faces and voices that have shaped the Bayerische Staatsoper during this time. Alexander Kluge approaches the mysterious cosmos of opera by breaking it down into its elements and immediately bringing the resulting set pieces back into correspondence with each other or boldly short-circuiting them. Artistic works by Katharina Grosse, Jonathan Meese and Georg Baselitz interact with the filmmaker's video works and bring the interaction of the arts in the Gesamtkunstwerk to the center of attention in an unconventional way.“

Katharina’s contribution consists of three works. Two - so called - stages - which serve as display for filmmaker’s footage and the silk piece "SPHINX OPERA“.

Opening hours:

Two hours before the start of the performances at the Nationaltheater and during the intermissions. (A ticket for the respective performance is necessary!)

Special opening hours (a ticket for the performance is not necessary): Sunday, 27 June, from 11 am.to 5 pm (CEST) Saturday, 3 July, from 10 am to 4 pm (CEST) Free admission via the main portal at Max-Joseph-Platz, registration via contact form required