Newspaper publication / This year's WELT-Künstlerausgabe - only in GERMAN

The physical handling of the newspaper has become something very special, because we are so used to taking in the majority of information via the screen – a homogeneous, smooth surface on which everything seems to slide back and forth. When reading a newspaper, at the point where your hands are, you are the extension of the newspaper. Like a baroque angel on a ceiling painting, where a wing physically protrudes into the room – the body as an echo. One extends one's existence into the newspaper, or the newspaper reaches out to you. This reinforces experiences that are associated with reading the newspaper anyway – the rustling, the movement of your arms when unfolding it, the tactility of the thin paper.

The issue is TODAY – have your own physical experience with it!⁠ ⁠ Read the full article by Boris Pofalla here and to see a short film on the making-of the newspaper⁠) and to see a short film on the making-of the newspaper.