Art Basel Conversations / Talk with Katharina Grosse, Komal Shah & Firelei Báez

I had the pleasure to talk with the amazing Komal Shah and Firelei Báez during last week´s Art Basel. We have exchanged ideas and visions about our artistic practices as well as Komal´s great collection of abstract art with a strong focus on women artists. ⁠ Also I´ve advocated for new perspectives to focus on female voices: We have to forge alliances to take away the disadvantage for people who identify as female or as non-binary of constantly being disadvantaged in the public eye. After having all the numbers and the facts as the situation has been analysed for quite some time throughout the entire society we know where women stand nowadays – and we´ve come a long way and this is so important – but now we have to go one step further to really bring about change. How about everyone does one thing a month which is good for women, like Komal did with her great publication or Mark Godfrey and Katy Siegel did with their rich and seminal essays? It can be a conversation, a post or taking sides – it can be anything but it means everything.⁠ ⁠ All images,⁠ "The Artists and the Collector" as part of the Conversations program at Art Basel 2023.⁠