Film / Speaking with MAXXI Arte Director Bartolomeo Pietromarchi about my works

Tuesday 10 November 2020, 19:00 - 19:45 You can find the video of the live streaming here

Auteur conversations. Katharina Grosse with Bartolomeo Pietromarchi follow the live streaming on this page The MAXXI Collection between direct testimonies of the artists and tributes to the great masters of contemporary art. The talks are an opportunity to discuss and reflect on the evolution of artistic language over the last forty years. Protagonist of the MAXXI Collections with her work Ingres Wood Seven, the German artist Katharina Grosse meets MAXXI Arte Director Bartolomeo Pietromarchi to speak about her career and her last works, now showing in the exhibition Separatrix at the Gagosian in Rome. Grosse embraces the events that occur as she paints, opening up surfaces and spaces to chance. In massive in situ paintings – where she uses a spray gun to propel unmixed color over objects, rooms, buildings, and even entire landscapes – and autonomous works on canvas, paper, and sculptural supports, she stylizes gesture as a spontaneous mark of personal agency. In her latest works, Grosse experimented with a wet-on wet technique using vibrant pigments, allowing them to swim and intermingle across the surface, leaving behind iridescent pools and blooms. After returning to her Berlin studio, she transferred what she terms the ‘consequences’ of these watercolors to a series of large-scale paintings, setting the canvas horizontally, adding dilute acrylics using a brush, and then tilting the support to produce multidirectional drips and currents of color as a secondary gesture. in collaboration with Gagosian, Accademia Tedesca Roma Villa Massimo and Goethe Institut.