Petition / Help us and sign the open letter to save the Uferhallen

After a five-year marathon of tough negotiations – combined with ups and downs, hopes and disappointments – the cultural location Uferhallen is facing a sudden end. If no immediate solution is found, the local artists fear the first layoffs at the end of May. That is why we, the tenants, are addressing everyone for whom culture in Berlin is vital. We call for the Uferhallen to be preserved with all available means. The Senate for Culture and Europe and the district office of Mitte have supported us to the best of their abilities so far, especially in the context of the development plan procedure. The negotiations between the owners, the Senate and the district, which were held in the context of the development plan procedure, must be continued without delay. We demand a contract between the owners, the tenants and the state of Berlin. This contract must secure the studios and their affordability in the long term. The threatened terminations must be prevented. This is the only way to preserve Uferhallen as a cultural location. A loss would be irretrievable for this city.

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