Books / Cookbook recommendation

Every day the studio team and I take the time to sit down together and share family-style dishes. These small daily choices have made a positive impact on the team, so our former cook Hellen Russell Brown and I decided to create this cook book to share our food journey and snapshots of daily dining in the studio. We have arranged images of the studio next to images of the colourful and delicious plant-based dishes and the book is in a very special leporello like format.⁠ The book is published with Walther König and is available online and in the Walther König book stores.⁠ ⁠ ⁠ Authors: Helen Russel Brown and Katharina Grosse⁠ Food photography: Savannah van der Niet and Studio Katharina Grosse⁠ Editor: Katharina Grosse ⁠ Managing Editor: Kristin Rieber